90 MINUTE repair service. We at Central Media specialise in the repair of iPhone and SAMSUNG mobiles, with the majority of these repair parts kept in stock.This enables us to offer very fast turnaround with the majority of repairs in under 90 minutes.We also offer repairs for many other mobile phones on request, however repair times for these will vary.


Desktop Computers are also a feature repair service by Central

Media. Our engineers have many years experience and training in this area. Gaming, Business workstation/Server, High or Low end, new or old. We can always help you.

Laptop Mac and PC repairs. Full range of repairs offered. Whether it is a broken screen, laptop power jack or a faulty battery/hard drive. We can repair them all.


Broken tablet? No problem. Give us a call or bring your tablet in for diagnosis. We stock some of the highest quality glass screens and can repair most hardware faults fot branded tablets.


Most printer repairs are related to printhead issues. We diagnose and offer repairs if cost effective to do so.


Diagnostic service and repairs. Repair options for monitors are fairly limited therefore, if beyond repair, we can help with a replacement

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